Better World Bar Mitzvah

In today’s guest post – our youngest contributor to date talks about how he worked with us on his Bar Mitzvah project to bring attention to Books for Africa and their amazing mission!

My name is Andrew Goldberg and I recently had my Bar Mitzvah. As part of my Bar Mitzvah, I chose to do a Mitzvah project. This is a social action project where I got to choose something that was important to me. I wanted to do something with Better World Books, since I really believe in the work they are doing and the non-profit organizations they support.

Andrew blog pic

I asked people to purchase children’s books through the Books For Africa link on the Better World Books website. I have been concerned about Africa’s debt and plight for a long time, and I thought this would be a good way to help.

The purchased books went to a local organization here in Little Rock, Arkansas that provides books for kids to read to their incarcerated mothers.  Then a portion of the proceeds went to Books for Africa, so my Mitzvah project helped both locally and globally. To my delight, many people purchased books. This was the first time many of my friends had heard of Better World Books and I encouraged them to continue supporting both BWB and Books for Africa.


  1. Kathy Marks says:

    Andrew, I’m so proud of you and happy to see what a lovely person you’ve become!

  2. Anne Hirsch says:

    what an awesome kid! he must have really great parents, too.

  3. Stephanie Wheeler says:

    So proud of Andrew! Anne, can it. 😛

  4. Todd Montgomery says:

    Outstanding! Way to go, Andrew!

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