Better World Books Podcast: Sarah Addison Allen

girlwhoSarah Addison Allen’s fans expect her books to be full of magic and her latest The Girl Who Chased the Moon doesn’t disappoint.

This book has  magic wallpaper, sweet sense, mystical lights that inexplicably roam the woods at night and even a giant.  While some of the magic is there to advance the plot, some is just there for fun.

The book, like all of Sarah’s books, is also full of food.  This time it’s barbecue and cake.  Mmmm.  Cake.  And if you’re as taken with some of the cakes as I am, don’t worry, you can get the recipes on her website!

I sat down to chat with Sarah last week during her tour. We talked about the book and some of the magic in it, but one of things I thought was most amazing is that she had three completely different versions of the book before it became what it is now.  Listen to what Sarah had to say about that, about happy endings, and about Grandpa Vance, the gentle giant.

Enjoy the interview, and click here to check out the rest of the great authors talking about their books on our podcast!

— Dana

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