Ssshhhh….It’s National Library Week.

NG.NLW.button_stacklogoRemember how proud you were when you got your very first library card? Remember how cool it was to look at all those books and know that you got to pick one to take home? If you love your library you might be almost as cool as Neil Gaiman. Well maybe not, but he’s pretty cool. And also the Honorary Chair of National Library Week!

If you’ve forgotten how awesome your library is, this is the week to go back!  In these tough economic times, your library is there for you. Did you know that libraries provide free access to books and computers, homework help, assistance with resumes and job searches, accurate financial information, adult education courses, assistance for new Americans, CDs, DVDs and much more?   Well you do now!  You can get all that and a signature “shush” all in one visit.  And for one low, low price…FREE!!!

And as much as they do for you, your library needs you too!   You can support your local library by:

  • Visiting early and often.  (Late is good too).
  • Shopping the Library Online Sidewalk Sale right here at Better World Books.
  • Contact your state officials to let them know how valuable libraries and those who work in libraries are, how much you love libraries, and why!

So, in honor of National Library Week, I offer the following advice:  Be quiet in your library, but not about your library!  Shout your library love from the rooftops and help keep these wonderful resources available for generations to come.

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  1. Our library is a joyful place. It’s not loud but certainly not a place full of librarians saying “sssh!” either. 🙂

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