Happy Earth Day!

Being the savvy shopper that you are, I’m sure you already know all about our fabulous Earth Day Sale where you can get 20% off 3 or more used books*.  And I’m sure you already have a shopping cart full of fabulous previously loved books ready to go in your cart.

But did you know that tons of once wept over, laughed with, and well loved books don’t get that second chance.  It’s true.  Sad but true.  Check out the facts.


In honor of Earth Day take Dana’s Official Better World Books’ Blog Pledge.

Repeat after me:

“I, State Your Name, will never throw a book away.  I will donate it or sell it to Better World Books, give it to a friend or make gosh-jolly-darn sure it gets recycled”.

Good for you.  Way to go!  Now go outside and enjoy Earth Day and spread the word:  No more books in landfills!

*Offer not valid on Marketplace purchases.

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