Are you a Last Minute Larry or Procrastinating Polly?

Mother-Day-BlogThis Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Of course we should be appreciating Mom year ’round, but just in case you got busy or have been a little remiss, now is the time to do it.

I don’t know about you but my mom is hard to buy for.  She’s reached a point in her life where if she wants or needs something she buys it, which doesn’t leave much on her wish list for us gift givers to choose from.  So of course, about a month before Mother’s Day I start racking my brain and reflecting on what Mom might like and how I can truly show my appreciation for all she has done.  And I know my daughter is doing the same thing for me.  (I know because she keeps saying “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?” and when I say “large amounts of cash” she just rolls her eyes… so I don’t think that’s what I’m getting.)

But I digress.

As a mom I can tell you that what we really want is a big hug and some sign that we’re appreciated and that’s it.  It doesn’t matter what it costs, it matters that you thought about us.  And that’s the great thing about books as gifts.  Whether your mom is a reader or a chef or a gardener, there’s a book for her.  If she knits or plays poker or rides a Harley there’s a book for her.

So give mom a hug, say thanks and get her a gift certificate from Better World Books.  You’ll have it on time and if  you just include a little note like the one below, she’ll know you’re paying attention to her and you really do care:

Note to Mom

Dear Ma (or Mom or Mamma or other endearment used to indicate the woman who gave birth to you) —

Happy Mother’s Day!  Better World Books has an amazing selection of books about FILL IN MOM’S TOPIC OF INTEREST HERE.  So I got you this gift certificate so you could pick out exactly what you want.  And did you know that Better World Books is environmentally friendly and works to improve world literacy?  So, as you can see, all that work to make me a better person has paid off!

Thanks Mom and I love you.


Joe (Unless your name is not Joe.  In that case  you should write your name here).

One last tip (and this is important)…  DO NOT suggest a book for mom that would make her think you think she’s less than perfect.  In other words, no books on getting organized or losing weight or investing wisely.  She can buy those later.  Are  you with me?  This is her day so let her feel fabulous.

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  1. Hi. My name is Lily Nyariki working as the Bookshop Manager at Moi University Eldoret – Kenya.I am the founder member of Book week celebrations Kenya and also of the Nairobi International Book fair.

    I am regularly called upon by school boards and individuals to give book donations to mainly primary and secondary schools around the country.
    How may we partner to make this a reality for Kenyan schools? Thanks

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