Better World Books Podcast: Kevin Salwen & Hannah Salwen

The Power of Half by Kevin Salwen and Hannah SalwenWhen 14 year old Hannah Salwen saw a homeless man begging for food on the side of the road she knew something wasn’t right and she knew she wanted to do something to fix it.  The Salwen’s were well off and already heavily involved in some local charities but for Hannah that just wasn’t enough.  After much discussion, her mother Joan finally said “What do you want to do Hannah, sell the house?”  To which Hannah replied, “Yes.”

This began a journey for the entire Salwen family in which they decided to sell their house and give half the sales price to a worthy cause.  And so THE POWER OF HALF was born.

Hannah and her co-author, (a.k.a. Dad) Kevin came by our offices a couple of weeks ago to chat about the book, the project, and what it means to them.  They explain that not everyone has to sell their house.  They know that’s not possible.  But they do believe there are things you could do with less of and that every little bit counts.  The idea of giving up half of something is that it’s measurable and easy to get your head around.

Who are these people, you ask?  Well, after meeting the Salwens I can tell you… they are regular people just like you and me.   Hannah is now 17 and wants to be a nurse someday.  She and her Dad are close, but they still have the normal dad/daughter stuff about being home on time, etc.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting the Salwens in today’s podcast and maybe you’ll even be inspired to start a Power of Half project of your own.

Enjoy the interview!

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— Dana Barrett, Podcast Host


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    I wrote to you before to ask you is I could use the first 3 minutes of this interview for exams that we write to acredit second language proficiency at the university of Granada Spain. I would now like your permission to put this on our webpage with an example of the comprehension questions that students would have to answer. The source of the sound file would be credited. Here is a link to the exam description so that you can see how it would be included.
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