2 Readers’ Choice Literacy Grant Winners Announced

We here at Better World Books couldn’t be prouder to announce that two Readers’ Choice Literacy Grants have been awarded for $20,000 each!

The first award goes to our top vote getter Invisible Children.  They have  launched innovative programs that advance education and create lasting stability in war torn Northern Uganda.

Through the Readers’ Choice grant, Invisible Children will provide comprehensive literacy training to 400 individuals displaced by the conflict and now returning to their ancestral homes. These 400 participants will use their literacy skills, paired with micro-finance training, to help create and manage small businesses that will change the lives of their families, create opportunities for friends and neighbors, and advance the economic standing of their community at large.

And this year we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just about votes, so we put all of our applicants up for committee review.  And the winner of the second $20,000 grant goes to The Cooperative for Education (CoEd)!  They are a Cincinnati, OH, and Guatemala City-based 501 non-profit organization. By promoting traditional and technological literacy, CoEd’s sustainable programs help Guatemala’s vulnerable children gain vital skills and break the cycle of poverty. Its Culture of Reading Program (CORP) improves the quality of education in rural Guatemalan schools and increases literacy for indigenous Mayan children.

The Culture of Reading Program (CORP) improves the quality of education in rural schools, increases literacy for the Mayan children and aims to address inadequate teacher training and materials.  The Readers’ Choice grant will help provide 65 primary-school teachers in rural Guatemala with training in effective reading instruction and 2,340 books for their classrooms.

For more details on the grants and organizations check out our press release and congrats to both of these wonderful organizations!


  1. You know I just read an article about an American who died in the bombings that just happened during the final game of the World Cup this year. I believe his name was Nate. He was on a trip with Invisible Children. One article I caught spoke how he had worked on trips before including a Missions trip to an orphanage elsewhere. People who take the time to voyage to help the Invisible Children leave a mighty legacy behind. Thank you Better World Books voters for recognizing their work and those who give of their time for these precious little ones.

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