On the ground in Africa

I am pleased to announce that seven Better World Books employees… along with our first-ever college student winner (Audrey Mohr from University of Wisconsin who ran the most successful college book drive this spring)… are heading to Africa in early July to work closely with three of our primary non-profit literacy partners (“NPLP’s”) and those whom they serve.

They will get to see and experience firsthand the work that our NPLP’s are actually doing on the ground in Africa and get a full measure of the impact that Better World Books’ cash contributions and donated books are making in Uganda (through Invisible Children) and in South Africa (through Books for Africa and Room to Read).  Over the course of two weeks, the team will be visiting schools and libraries and meeting with students of all ages along with librarians, teachers, administrators and local NGO partners.   We’ll be posting their adventures right here on the blog so expect great stories and even pictures and videos if internet access allows.  (If not, we’ll share all that good stuff when they get back!)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the team:

Maura Varian, Managing Director of the UK
Paco Miller, Team Lead, Analyst Team and member of our Literacy Council
Paul Drake, Manager of our ARC Group
Joe England, Buyback Team
Ryan Van Plew Cid, ARC Team
Stephanie Williams, Scanning Team
Jason Staples, Customer Care
and Audrey Mohr,  Student Winner (University of Wisconsin)

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the trip and seeing through the eyes of Audrey and our staff how every purchase you make and every book you sell back or donate is making a difference!


  1. Brandy Robertson says:

    How many books did the University of Wisconsin collect?

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  3. Good for you! What a great mission! Keep them reading reading reading wherever they are! Daughter was in Kenya for a year as an AFS student about 30 yrs ago, attended school outside of Nairobi, and any books they got were greatly appreciated.

  4. Simon Gondwe says:

    How can a non profit organization benefit from your books.

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