Lilith Stop in Seattle: The Gorge

Abbey and Pema in Seattle

The show at the Gorge was the second US date on the tour and it was explosive!  I’ve never been to the Gorge before (or any outdoor amphitheater, honestly) and the views were absolutely breathtaking.  The entire venue was packed from the first seat all the way to the back of the lawn, and trust me; that’s a long walk.  One of the cooler aspects of the day was a rare and up-close photo-op with Erykah Badu who was doing a special signing of a car hood for Chevy right in front of our tent!  The signature on the hood was awesome, not just her name, but she drew a picture and used symbols and all sorts of loveliness and really spent her time on it.  If someone asked me to sign the hood of a car, they’d get a very poorly written signature, but Erykah Badu doesn’t just half do anything.

The Gorge was an awesome place to see a show and I hope to get back there sometime.  The place is just filled with so much energy; you can feel it, the crowd feels it, the artists feel it- the finale was one of the best yet!

Check out some more pics of the venue on Flickr!

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