A Note from CEO David Murphy

All —

It is with great sadness and yet great hope and inspiration that all of us at Better World Books let our friends at Invisible Children know that we are with them in this time of mourning and loss.  While I did not know Nate Henn personally, he is the type of individual that exemplifies the tremendous passion and enthusiasm of the IC community to change this world for the better… no matter the naysayers; no matter the odds (click here to find out more about Nate).  He, his family and friends, and the entire Invisible Children organization will be in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.

It will be in memory of Nate, as well is in the name of every member of Invisible Children who labors to bring peace, justice and a better world through literacy and education to the children and families of Northern Uganda, that we at Better World Books will continue our efforts to support IC’s mission in all that we do.

David Murphy
President and CEO
Better World Books

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