Lilith Behind the Scenes: Meeting Sarah!!

Sarah McLachlanDuring the Portland show, rumors were circling around the sponsor village that we might get to meet Sarah McLachlan before the doors opened in the venue.

It was a long day for all of us, we had just crossed the US/Canada border and were scrambling around for new shipments and various other pieces of tent-gear.  The atmosphere was slightly frantic.  There is an incredible amount of work that goes into setting up these tent villages at fairs.

It was about 2:10pm and doors were scheduled to open in 20 minutes.  The chances of a Sarah sighting were looking pretty slim and I hadn’t eaten since the night before.  I finally decided “Ok guys, well it doesn’t look like she’s showing and I’m hungry so I’m- ”   but I noticed people looking past me so I turned around and she just appeared all of a sudden (I mean really, I don’t even know where she came from) and was shaking my hand and introducing herself to me!

She was ushered into our tent briefly by a couple of people from her staff and was extremely friendly.  She shared our passion for social entrepreneurship and really had a nice down-to-earth conversation with the group before being whisked away to another sponsor tent.  She is a perfect example of just how real artists and performers can be.  Gracious, friendly, humble- Awesome.

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  1. Awesome! What a great experience!

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