BWB @Lilith: Meet Co-Founder Kreece Fuchs

If you been keeping up with Better World Books, you’ve probably already “met” co-Founder Xavier Helgesen and CEO David Murphy in an assortment of interviews and blog posts.  Well now it’s time to meet our other co-Founder, Kreece Fuchs.  Kreece works at our warehouse in Mishawaka, IN and took some time out from keeping everything running to join Lilith in Chicago.  Enjoy!


  1. Hey BetterWorld!
    It was great getting to meet a few of your representatives this weekend at Lilith Fair! I already used the $5 off coupon and was really impressed with your entire organization. I wrote a brief blog entry about you guys, feel free to check it out!: . I hope it brings more foot traffic your way!

    Thanks for the inspiring, great way you do business 🙂

  2. I will make this real easy for ya. Yes or no?

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