Top 10 Reasons ‘Back to School’ Time is Awesome

Okay, okay I know for many kids (and parents) the end of the summer can be a downer. Time to trade your scuba gear for a protractor and pencil and get on the big yellow bus back to school (or drive yourself to campus – but stay with me). But there is cause for celebration this time of year as well – and if you can’t quite get your head around why, I’m here to help with the Top 10 Reasons ‘Back to School’ Time is Awesome list:

  1. It’s hard to get sand kicked in your face in a classroom.
  2. Fall = Football.
  3. That cutie you had a crush on last year just might be in your algebra class this year.
  4. New clothes and a new backpack.  Lookin’ snazzy.
  5. Swimming pools are overrated.
  6. New fall TV lineup.  Of course you will study and read books first, but then…
  7. You can help improve literacy around the world by running a Better World Book Drive at your school.
  8. Soup.  It’s too hot for soup in the summer.  And who doesn’t like soup?
  9. Fall leads to Winter.  Winter = Break from school – and presents.  ‘Nuff said.
  10. We have up to 90% off textbooks and other books you might need for school.  Great deals for a good cause!

So – enjoy your Back to School season, stay calm in traffic and don’t worry… summer will be back before you know it.

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  1. I am in complete agreement. Well, maybe not the football, but there is the fall play and beginning dance classes!

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