Let us introduce you to something Divine!

Maybe it’s Halloween or the shorter days, but lately here at Better World Books we’ve been craving something sweet and good. But not just Snickers or Twix good—something more along the lines of improve the world, make life better for others while satisfying our sweet tooth good.

Enter Divine Chocolate. Divine Chocolate Ltd is a Fairtrade organization that makes super delicious chocolate with the aim of improving the livelihood of smallholder cocoa producers in West Africa. In addition to paying a Fairtrade price for all of the cocoa used in the chocolate it sells, Divine Chocolate is working to raise awareness of fair trade issues among US retailers and consumers by acting as a catalyst for change. It’s sort of what we do with books, only with chocolate. Mmmmmm…chocolate.

To support Divine Chocolates in its mission we’re giving everyone who buys three used books a free yummy chocolate bar.

Sweet deal! (see what we did there?)


  1. What a brilliant idea to feature fair trade chocolate with your books!
    I want to thank you for featuring Hanukkah on your front page today — I have never seen a non-Judaica online retailer do that. Thanks for that!

  2. Slow Reader says:

    Speaking of Hanukkah and chocolate, I just received this wonderful book from Better World Books, and thought others might be interested:
    Matzoh Ball Gumbo–Culinary Tales of the Jewish South

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