A Special Message to All of Our College Student Supporters:

David Murphy, CEO of Better World BooksHappy New Year…. Hope you have enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to a great spring semester back on campus!

At Better World Books, we have outstanding opportunities for college students that we want to make sure you are aware of. When you BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS AT BETTER WORLD BOOKS, you…


What if you could help change the world and save cash? We know textbook prices can be off the charts, and we want to do all we can to save you money…as much as 90%! We have millions of new and used titles, and WE SHIP FREE TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Through carbon offsets, we also give you the opportunity to make sure your book is sent to you in an environmentally friendly way.

AND, any time you purchase books from us, we donate a pre-defined portion of the sale price to fund literacy and education non-profits working here in the U.S. and around the world. Great partners like Room to Read, The National Center for Family Literacy, Books for Africa, Worldfund, Invisible Children, the Robinson Community Learning Center, The Prison Book Program and Plan USA (working in Haiti) are delivering meaningful impact every minute of every day, thanks in part to the funding they are receiving from Better World Books (through the books you purchase!).

To date, we have:

– Raised over $9 million and donated over 3 million books to our non-profit literacy and education partners
– Re-used or recycled 53 million pounds of books, saving landfills

And these numbers are growing every minute of every day!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and your commitment to making your purchase dollars really mean something by supporting our mission to change the world…one book at a time.

Make sure to check us out at www.betterworldbooks.com, and stay tuned to find out how you can earn money by participating in our spring campus textbook drives.

All the best to you and yours in 2011,

President and CEO, Better World Books


  1. I purchase tons of books from BetterWorld Books–mostly used but sometimes new books as well because you offer reduced prices–and am glad to be able to contribute to your efforts. I read in the paper today that Southern Sudan has a literacy rate of barely 15 percent–what an unbelievable situation.

  2. David,
    I’ve posted on this thread because it seemed the most appropriate for my purpose. I recently had an e-mail conversation with Jennifer– at help@betterworldbooks.com –that was a reply to my responding to an after-sale follow-up. I suppose I was a bit sneaky with her; my idea was to validate my cumulative positive experience as a BWB customer. Jennifer confirmed what I’ve known since I received my first order back in 2007. She was not obliged to continue the conversation; however, this is the personal attention that keeps customers returning to shop and through them, brings new customers to the BWB website. I just wanted you to see for yourself the level of commitment I have come to associate with Better World Books’ customer service. Thanks for being out there.

    Tom James

  3. ————————————————–

    On 3/18/2011 6:15 A.M., Better World Books wrote:

    Hi Thomas,

    We’re just checking in to see if you received your order!
    Your order number 11394171 included:
    Talk That Talk: An Anthology of African-American Storytelling
    Loose Canons: Notes on the Culture Wars
    Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man

    If your order hasn’t blessed your mailbox just yet, heads are gonna roll in the Mishawaka warehouse! Seriously though, if you haven’t received your order or are less than 108.8% satisfied, please reply to this message. Let us know what we can do to flabbergast you with service.

    If you’ve really got some gumption, there’s one other thing you can do to help. Become our fan on FaceBook by clicking this link. It’s the easiest way to let your friends know that you’re part of our movement to fund literacy by buying books. You might also enjoy reading our blog.

    Humbly Yours,
    Better World Books
    email: help@betterworldbooks.com
    Fund literacy, care for the environment, and get a fair price on the books you want.
    Better World Books (http://www.BetterWorldBooks.com )

    Order Number: 11394171
    Delivery Confirmation: 9102923811001005190338

    As always, they came on time and are in great shape. Thanks once more.

    On 3/19/2011 1:09 PM, Better World Books wrote:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for taking the time to let us know! We greatly appreciate your support of BWB!

    Happy reading,

    Better World Books

    No, Thank You! I was looking at my account the other day; if it weren’t for BWB, I couldn’t have afforded to stay in school. I think I’ve made nearly seventy orders in +/- four years.

    On 3/20/2011 1:32 PM, Better World Books wrote:
    Dear Tom,
    I’m so glad to hear that we have been so helpful to you while in college! Please accept the following $5
    gift certificate:


    Better World Books

    That’s cool; I can say a lot more great things about BWB! 🙂 Just kidding, but thanks a lot; every little bit helps. Since I’ve been in grad school the cost of books has increased significantly. And as is the case with most English majors and graduate literature students, I don’t sell books at the semester’s end; I buy more bookcases! My MA exam reading list is a major focus of most searches, but I also love to find gems. Sometimes I will find a super bargain during the 3for$10 sale. I got 3 Nadine Gordimer novels for ten bucks & free shipping. Can’t beat it! Thanks again for the treat.

    On 3/21/2011 4:00 PM, Better World Books wrote:
    Dear Tom,

    You’re welcome! We’re so appreciative of your support; please tell your friends and family
    about us! Good luck with your exam.

    Better World Books

    I do. I still have a few book markers left, that I give out every semester. I could use more (hint, hint). I’ve managed a few converts. Thankfully the comp exam is in the fall. I need to learn to speed read–at Mach 2. :))
    Thanks again,

    On 3/22/2011 7:23 PM, Better World Books wrote:
    Dear Tom,

    Thank you so much! We will have new book markers shipped to you next week. Thank you again, we appreciate your support.


    Better World Books

    I have to say, in all seriousness, you have responded in a way that can only be understood as the overriding first principle of business at Better World: responsibility. It is woven into the fabric of behavior worn by employees, management, and ownership alike. My experience is that there is no one who works at Better World Books, there are only those who work as Better World Books; that difference is what makes the company–and the concept of a globally responsible business–a model to be examined and recreated as we move into the coming years. You have every reason to be proud of the integrity of the company, and of yourself, as part of what makes Better World Books trusted and respected by customers everywhere. Thank you.


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