Shop from Work Week: Celebrating “Productivity”

– by Cube Farmson

The brave men and women who make Shop From Work Week possible.

By now, you may have heard about this “Shop From Work Week” celebration, and thought of questions such as why, how, and huh?  We’d like to take a minute to explain the details of these all-new but clearly annualizeable festivities.  Behold!  A comprehensive blog post on the subject.

The High Level Overview
Most of the time, holidays are celebrated by taking time off from one’s occupation.  The revolutionary aspect of Shop From Work Week, however, is in its celebration of the hard-working employee of the twenty-first century by acknowledging — and encouraging — the practice of being completely off task exploring auxiliary means of mental stimulation while at your job.  Beginning February 1st and ending the night of February 8th, a full week of getting paid to spend your hard-earned money.

The Humble Origins of a Major Celebration
Accomplished Internetologists the world over are in agreement regarding one thing — that many websites experience very high traffic during business hours, and reduced traffic after that 9 to 5 window.  We ran this by our own internal analysis-persons, who informed us of a crucial key finding: People are on the internet during the day… and that is where our website is.

Thus, a holiday is born — and we named him Shop From Work Week.

Why not give the people what they want?  It only made sense to reward the diligent for their dutiful accomplishments of multitasking (namely, shopping while they were on the clock).  Hey, at least nobody can complain that Shop From Work Week has become too commercialized.

See what these celebrants had to say.

As with many holidays, there will be many opponents to this celebration: Scrooges, Grinches, and other curmudgeons who may not accept the universal spirit of procrastination the uninterrupted pursuit of happiness.  In other words: supervisors.  In response to this issue, we have added “Boss Button” functionality to our site which will cleverly, um, re-designate your web browser content to appear more official and work-related until the danger is over.

How are we celebrating?  Here’s our strategy for passing on the celebratory mirth to people who go that extra mile and do what they want while they’re on the clock:

  1. Check out our sale selection here.
  2. Shop yourself up a storm.
  3. Enjoy 3% per book off of your order.  That’s 6% off 2 books, 9% off 3 books, and so on… up to 30% off your order!

We hope this nascent festival will catch on and become an integral facet of the culture, up there with Thanksgiving and Spring Break (although we’ll settle for Talk Like A Pirate Day status).  But its success depends on you and the Boss Button.  So go enjoy 200% productivity today and browse our sale selection.

And from all of us at Better World Books… a very merry Shop From Work Week to you and yours.


  1. What’s with the weird, incremental per-book discount percentage increase? Not that you guys aren’t great – it’s just that pocket-protected cheapskates (including proponents of austerity measures) will have to think more about the data they enter into their watches.

    And I’m not at work right now…

  2. Vladimir (Ukraine) says:

    It was a very good idea. I made rather a big order with an impressive discount. Are you going to repeat “shop from work soon”?

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