Actually, Valentine’s Day Can Go Jump In A Lake

[This post is for people who do not like Valentine’s Day.  If you like Valentine’s Day, check out the opposite post here.]

If the first words that come into your mind when you think of February 14th are any of the below:

  • “Ugh.”
  • “Pffffffft.”
  • “Bleaeaearrararrghgh.”

…then you have arrived at the correct Blog Post.

Fie on Valentine’s Day.  For real. If you consider the history, Valentine’s Day has more to do with decapitation than osculation.  How did we get from religious martyr to winged baby causing people to get googly-eyes when struck by armor-piercing projectiles?  All that lovey-dovey mush is for the birds.

So go ahead, sheeple!  Go prostrate yourselves at the altars of Godiva and Victoria’s Secret.  SOME of us will be home with a book.  A good book.  But most importantly, an opposite-of-Valentine’s-Day kind of book.

Perhaps some Poe is in order.  Maybe King or Lovecraft, to purge my mind of the hollow mewling of the truffle-wielding masses.  “Be mine,” indeed!

What are YOU reading on this Non-acknowledged Holiday?  Let us know in the comments.  Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it.  Good day to you, reader.

I said good day!


  1. How about The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen? That’s the most anti-lovey-dovey book I’ve ever read.

  2. The ONLY reason I like valentines day is that it is my nephew’s birthday. Otherwise, I feel it is just a made up holiday to make sales. I feel that if you are loved it is NOT about showing it ONE day of the is about little things all year long.

  3. Lev E. Levenson, PhD, MSW says:

    I could be sarcastic and say I “heart” this statement, but withholding this comment because I am a nice person (usually), I will just say that my response to this over-commercialized “holiday” is the same as my response to Xmas: Bah!Humbug! (And yes, I am aware that the “X” in Xmas refers to Jesus, but as an atheist, I am indifferent to the religious meanings.)

  4. Abigail, you’re totally right. An excellent Anti-Valentine’s choice.

    Laura and Dr. Lev, it does have a “hijacked by big business” feel these days, doesn’t it? And yes, it seems like those other 364 days out of the year need to count, too.

  5. Karen M Richards says:

    Laura-are you the Zigs I am looking for? Can’t find you in phone book or FB. It’s Karen M from Tiburon.
    Call please or FB or whatever….Karen M. 5/17/12

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