It’s Almost Valentine’s Day, let’s check out the 14 Awesomest Romance Novel Covers

[This post is for people who do not hate Valentine’s Day.  If you do hate Valentine’s Day, check out the opposite post here.]

So… Valentine’s Day!  Am I right?

There’s certainly something in the air this time of year, some element missing from the periodic table of emotions.  Element Lv, whose smoochtacular properties are unrivaled. You know.  Vitamin L.

I’m talking about Love, here, people.  With a capital L-U-V.

It’s almost Spring, when, as Tennyson once said, “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”  Kinda feels like the planets are aligning, doesn’t it?  Like conditions are right… to read a romance novel.  Or fourteen!

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover, but here is an exception.  In a genre that explores close relationships, it could be argued that the cover needs to scream: “Passion!  Undulating landscapes!  Romantic feelings!  Fluttering eyelashes!  Mushy and/or gushy!”

Also, “Man-chest.”

Here are some specimens that we think get the point across in no uncertain terms!  All of which, I deign to mention, include free shipping worldwide in order for you to share the love in a global kind of way.

Got a favorite, or an even better one?  Let us know in the comments.  And have a happy, bodice-ripping, glasses-fogging Valentine’s Day.


  1. How about the cover of Meg Cabot’s “The Boy Next Door?”

  2. I just want to state that I have read some of these and I know the covers are ridiculous, but I am NOT ashamed!

  3. Natalie, which version? I’m seeing a few of them.

    Amy: Nor should you be! Any of these you can personally recommend?

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