It is Children’s Book Week!

Former slave and abolitionist writer Frederick Douglass said “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” In a society today dominated by TV shows, video games and computer screens, we are so excited to be celebrating the 92nd Annual Children’s Book Week with you! Books open the door to imagination and education for our children. They help us build strong children together – and to fulfill the dreams of heroes such as Douglass.


We asked our awesome Facebook friends and Twitter followers about their favorite children’s books from back in the day. The response was amazing, thank you for sharing! You guys obviously <3 books like we do! Here are some of their most cherished childhood reads:

‎A Wrinkle in Time – Torri S.
Rapunzel – Lise K.
Dr Seuss – Angela O.
Alice in Wonderland – Julie E.

“The Little House on the Prairie series. My mom and dad would read these to my sister and I before bed. These really opened my eyes to what it used to be in like in history from a child’s perspective. I hope these stories will continue to impact our future children and understanding that we didn’t always have cell phones, mp3 players…let alone lights! It keeps us from being ignorant starting when you’re a child. I can’t wait to read these to my children someday!” – Beth G.

Just So Stories – Giuliana B.
Little Women – Maria M. and Carrie H.
Where the Wild Things Are – Alice Y.

“I had the Judy Blume boxed set, and I read those books over and over and over! I think I liked them so much because the characters were realistic and dealing with the same issues I was as a pre-adolescent. The characters were like friends to me.” – Kristi C.


The Secret Garden – Kris R.
Mary Poppins – Marilyn W.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Stephanie M.

“My all-time favorite book was Nothing Ever Happens on my Block. It was a small picture book of a little boy sitting on the curb of his street with his head in his hands complaining about how boring his street was. Meanwhile in each picture there were many exciting things going on around him, but because he was complaining, he never saw it and remained miserable.” – Joel B.
Clifford – Emily R.
You Are Special – Kayla E.
Bridge to Terabithia – Barbara C.
The Encyclopedia Brown – Jerry J.
Winnie the Pooh – Carla M.

“The Nancy Drew books – I got one for my Birthday when I was in third grade and before that I didn’t like to read much on my own, but after that you couldn’t find me without a book in my hand. I had found that first book that opened up the whole world of reading and books to me.” – Jamie A.

What was that special world-opening book for YOU? What books have your kids enjoyed reading with you? Comment below!

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  1. Max and the Mighty Mountain is the book I remember most from childhood. It was the only one my younger brother would read again and again and again.

    One of my favourites was Box of Nothing by Peter Dickenson. I’ve just bought a copy from your site for my son to read. I was so pleased to find a copy of this great book at a reasonable price.

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