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At Better World Books, we’re in the business of doing well by doing good. As a result, when I run across other businesses that have social impact built-in, they jump out at me, and many times I can’t resist sharing them with others.

I met Sherry Comes at a conference and learned about her extraordinary social enterprise, Not only do I love the fact that was the first online coffee shop in Denver and that they sell specialty food and other gourmet gift items on the Internet, but I admire their greater mission:  to help find a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF) and to help support families affected by the disease.

Sherry’s son was diagnosed with NF in 2005 and instead of letting this depress and compress her, she is fighting back through the power of Capitalism.

In addition to raising funds for NF, also supports cancer research, local fund-raisers and other non-profit organizations. They also work to raise awareness among women of the dangers of heart disease. Sherry was recently awarded The Denver Business Journal’s “Outstanding Women in Business Award” for her exceptional contribution to local business and the community at large.

Oh, and here’s one other fascinating tidbit. You know the bad rep fruitcakes have, especially around the holidays? Apparently fruitcake is one of Sherry’s top sellers on So either the bad rep is an incorrect stereotype, or they’re making good fruitcake in a world of mediocre fruitcakes. Either way, I reckon I’ll try one.

Thank you, Sherry, for serving as an inspiration to me and my colleagues at Better World Books!

Know of other social enterprises we should check out? Give them a shout out below…

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