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Check out this guest blog from our friend Trevor Burbank, Co-Founder of Teach Twice

Books are an essential part of education and here at Teach Twice our books serve a double purpose. Imagine one book providing an education for two children, worlds apart. Teach Twice captures cultures of the world in children’s books, by partnering with community authors and illustrators from developing nations and publishing their renditions of local folklore and legends. The children’s books are then sold in the U.S. with the hope that our consumers get a glimpse of life in these vibrant cultures. The book revenues are then cycled back into the education systems of the developing community from which the stories originate.

Beginning our journey in January, we have been very busy. Over the past few months we have begun turning our idea into a reality by making connections with authors and gaining support from people like you!

We are currently working in Uganda, among other countries, to create our very first book! We aim to include legends, tribal stories, and more in one children’s book. Our hope is to encourage Ugandans to share their rich culture with the world so that others can have a better understanding of their country. The book’s first story will be about the people of Baganda’s creation myth that has been passed down from generations!

At Teach Twice, we hope to share culture from around the world in order to increase our understanding and to further our education. We hope you join us and continue to support Better World Books as we utilize our own ability to read great books and seek to provide the empowerment and enjoyment

of literacy to others around the world! Learn more at www.teachtwice.org. Be a part of the story of ending illiteracy by supporting us on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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