Better World Books Welcomes New CEO

This is a note from David Murphy, Board Member and former CEO of Better World Books, to our staff, customers, book donors, non-profit partners, friends and fans.

After over seven years of leading Better World Books, I first want to thank each and every member of our 400+ employee team, fans, book donors, literacy partners, and especially our customers, for all you have done to build the foundation of a company that is strong, vibrant and a true leader in re-shaping the way we think about how capitalism can indeed drive meaningful social and environmental impact. We have achieved a great deal and truly advanced our mission on so many levels.

David Murphy, CEO of Better World Books
David Murphy

We face many new challenges, as well as opportunities, in a rapidly changing book industry and we need to make sure we keep finding ways to build and deliver true value through innovation and execution at exceptional levels across the entire organization.

As we look forward, the Board and I have decided that it is time to bring in a new CEO to help lead Better World Books in to its next stage of significant growth. I am thrilled to announce that Andy Perlmutter has joined our team as CEO and that he brings a wealth of experience and talent to help us shape and then successfully execute the next phase of the organization’s vision and strategy. A seasoned executive with a track record of successful senior leadership in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies, Andy is also a founding board member of Atlanta’s North Metro Miracle League, a non-profit for the disabled.

I will be moving to a strategic advisor and very active board role where I will continue to support Andy, our team and the incredible triple bottom line organization we have created and scaled. There is tremendous momentum in the social enterprise space, and I want to continue to be a voice for 21st century stakeholder capitalism and the meaningful social and environmental impact the business community can deliver.

Andy will be tasked with steepening Better World Books’ already strong growth trajectory.
Andy Perlmutter, CEO of Better World Books
Andy Perlmutter


Most recently, Andy served in senior leadership within Atlanta-based Alexander Gallo Holdings, where he reported to the CEO as Senior Vice President of Business Development, responsible for guiding overall business strategy and growth initiatives. Having built two successful businesses, the first acquired by GE Capital and the second achieving tremendous success as a member of the New York Stock Exchange, Andy brings both corporate and entrepreneurial experience to the leadership team at Better World Books.

I asked Andy for his perspective, and here is what he offered:

Better World Books is a strong, vibrant organization and a true leader in re-imagining how capitalism can drive meaningful social and environmental change. Under David’s leadership, the company pioneered social capital, earning global recognition and respect for business models whose mission embeds social impact at its core. I look forward to building on the solid foundation built by David and his team to usher in the next, even more ambitious chapter of our company’s growth.


Andy’s arrival at Better World Books marks an important moment in our company’s history. No longer a startup, we’ve attracted the talents of a proven business leader, ready to propel us into the next phase of business success. And of course, our unique model requires a unique CEO skill set – one that combines business savvy with an understanding of how to balance social, environmental and financial interests across multiple stakeholder groups. Andy’s hybrid of expertise makes him an ideal fit for the task, and we are very fortunate to have him join our team.

I love Better World Books. I have lived and breathed this company 24/7 for over seven years to build what we have today. While my role will change, my passion and commitment to all that we are, all that we stand for and all that we have yet to become will be as strong and as passionate as ever.

The introduction of Andy as our new CEO marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in the amazing story that is Better World Books. A story that all of our employees, customers, book donors, non-profit literacy and library partners and our investors have played such a critical role in writing over these past eight years. I certainly want to acknowledge and thank all of our stakeholders, certainly including over 400 of the best teammates anyone could ever hope for, for all you have done over the years to help me build a truly incredible company.

I look forward to the next chapter!

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our press release. Thank you!


  1. modesty egenti says:

    thanks to you all in betterworldbooks you people are doing great job, i love books and i like see people being educate.

  2. Paulo Rogerio says:

    Since met BWB never used other places to order books.The price is great and encouraging and the bad on other companies are their freight cost to where I live.While BWB be able to maintain the freight cost low ,my presence will be constant, loyal and permanent with BWB.If freight cost is raised , I can’t afford any more ,unfortunately ,to order any book.not only from BWB ,but from no place.

  3. Anna Harbison says:

    Thank you so much! I have introduced all my book club friends to BWB — and I am in 4 clubs! And I have recommended you to all my family. Thanks for going what you do. I am a retired reading teacher and love promoting literacy.

  4. Glen Caitlin says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, is all I can say about BWB’s aim of promoting literacy in underprivileged nations. Let there be more companies take on the challenge of also helping the less-privileged instead of merely espousing ever-increasing greed as their main creed of operation.

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