Pixie’s Inspired August Book Drive

*Note* The below blog post is a guest blog from our friend Twitter friend Pixie. This content does not necessarily reflect the views of Better World Books (as our lawyers make sure we say). We love having guest bloggers and invite you to email 11@betterworldbooks.com if you are interested in covering a book or topic on the BWB Blog. Thank you, Pixie!I started purchasing books from Better World Books when I found out that each purchase helps fund libraries and literary projects.  Several weeks ago, I decided to donate the books I read for an entire month back to Better World Books as well.  My goal was to donate 20 books at the end of the month, from cozy mysteries (like Steamed by Jessica Park and Susan Conant) to Wendy Smith’s Give a Little, which shows how small donations create huge change.

I just figured I would read some books and do a little to promote literacy. I never expected the outpouring of encouragement I got from my friends, many of whom decided to donate their books as well.  I would also like to thank the authors who have spread the word about my book drive, the wonderful people at Better World Books and my husband, who knows I will bury my head in a book at the baseball game and loves me anyway.

If you would like to view the books I have read and will be donating this month, follow me on Twitter (@PixiePoe123) or view my blog at  http://pixiepoe123.blogspot.com/.

Happy Reading,

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