A Labor (Day) of Love

I’ve heard a number of people say that while most of the world works to live, Americans live to work.Recent statistics on American vacation from outside observers seriously confirm this aphorism. Fellow Americans our there, want some facts in defense of vacation? Check out these articles: “America, the no-vacation nation” and “Why can’t Americans take holidays?”They remind us of the spirit of Labor Day. American workers and their labor movement in the late 1800s prompted a day of rest and recognition. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

Labor Day has since morphed into more of an end-of-summer bash. Here are a few book suggestions on the history and festivity of this much-loved Monday holiday…

WORKING – People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do


LABOR DAY – A Children’s History of the Holiday
THE BIG SUMMER COOKBOOK – 300 Fresh, Flavorful Recipes for Those Lazy, Hazy Days

How are you celebrating Labor Day?


  1. I’m sucking water out of carpet. Oh joy, Lee flooded my home office!

  2. Just relaxing and enjoying the day!

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