The Belly Rules the Mind

There is a Spanish proverb which says “the belly rules the mind.” Since we at Better World Books are committed to engaging and enhancing the mind of every person through literacy and education, we thought it necessary to ask our online community to share their favorite cookbooks with us.Here are the most “liked” cookbooks right from the mindful bellys of readers like you.

Allison says “The Joy of Cooking– hands down. Everything from pancakes to possum and everything in-between! If I could only have one cookbook, this one is it.”Marlene recommends the “Mickey Mouse Cookbook… it taught me the basics, and now it’s teaching my kids.”Jozette shared, “I really love the Cook’s Illustrated books (and magazine). But aside from those probably the Barefoot Contessa books. YUM.”

Yum is right! Have you ever tried her deep dish apple pie?

Landine’s “Current favorite is Fix-It-and-Forget-It: Five Ingredients.”

Jennifer says “How To Cook Everything by Bittman. It’s helped transform me into a bumbling, stressed-out kitchenphobe to a decent and sane cook.”

Sam shared, “The original Betty Crocker with the red cover that my mom handed down to me. It is the best ever!”

Finally, I just have to add my personal favorite. The photos are as scrumptious as the traditional yet creative dishes. And the setting is one of my favorite places on Earth: Blackberry Farm Cookbook.

Is your mouth watering yet? Head over to our delicious cookbook collectionto find our very own new favorite.We’d love for you to share your personal go-to cookbook below. What’s the best recipe in it? Or is it the photography that keeps you coming back for more?

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