Preaching from the Plane

I am sitting on a plane on the way to Oklahoma.There are a number of ways I could occupy this time. Much needed sleep. Much loved listening to great music. Much desired talking with the complete strangers next to me about their lives. I’ve tried all of those. I’ve also tried reading the book I brought. None of it is working because I have this compelling call to write to you.
This might sound crazy. Get ready. I love you! Yes, I adore the people who read our blog. Those of you who engage with me on Facebook, Twitter, email, in-person and on this blog make my day. Five years ago this job did not exist. People just did not get paid to build relationships with amazing people about incredible causes. But today, thanks in part to the innovative genius of people like Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace), I have the chance to get to know you.Hopefully, since you are reading this, you have heard of Better World Books. You might know that we collect donated books. That is important. It’s the backbone of our company. We also sell those books online. And we sell new books, audio books, quirky BWB t-shrits and gift cards. We have free shipping and competitive prices. Every time you buy a book, we donate a book to someone in need. All super important, meaningful stuff.The books we donate change lives.

I am on the way to Oklahoma to film a few of the stories of people who’s lives have been forever changed because they were given a book by us. And with that book, a chance to learn to read. And an opportunity to feel dignity.

That’s life-changing.

But for me, it’s not enough. If no one watches the videos we create, we are in vain. If no one reads the blogs we write, we are journaling. I don’t want to journal! I want you to read this. Share this.

I need for you to realize something. There are 30 million American adults who are illiterate.* 30 million Americans cannot read their prescription bottles or help their children with homework. This is not okay.

This is a challenge we must all act upon. How are we to get out of this economic crisis without a literate workforce? How are our children supposed to grow up and achieve their dreams if their parents do not even understand their homework?

You, dear book-lover, are going to buy a book anyway. Why not buy it from a place that matches your purchase with a book donation to a person in need? A place that offers carbon offset shipping? A place that has raised over $10 million for literacy non-profits and libraries at home and abroad? Why not? Because if you’re not reading this (which billions of people are not) then you probably don’t know about Better World Books.

Billions of people read. They love books. They want to help someone else learn to read, too. But they have not been empowered to vote with their dollar and to make a purchase which makes a difference.

Let’s wake the world up to their options! One book makes a difference. It’s life-changing.

Please share this blog, our stories, our website with a friend today. Please tell us what you want to read about on our blog. We want to know you. We love you!


*Source: National Assessment of Adult Literacy


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  1. Literacy should be a right in this country, not just a lofty goal. BWB is working to make that a little closer to reality. Say awesome, BWB!

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