Dear Students, Put Us to Work!

Dear stellar students, the following is an exciting update from your campus reps at BWB.

We want you to put us to work at the warehouse of our partner, Books for Africa, so we can provide some much needed (wo)manpower in support of their efforts to end the book famine in Africa.

Now that Halloween is over, it feels like the remaining holidays for 2011 are rushing in to take its place. On November 1st I heard Christmas music playing in a sandwich shop and it seems like there are even more commercials on TV reminding you to go out and shop, shop, shop. As we still have some breathing room before the holidays arrive, it’s important to take a moment to stop and reflect on what we can all do to help others in need.

The Better World Books On Campus Team has definitely been thinking about this and we want to let you know about our November service project. (Read carefully because you play a very important part in the plan!)

Here’s the deal: if we receive 3,000 cartons of books from our student group and bookstore friends by November 30th, our entire campus team here at Better World Books will spend an afternoon volunteering in the Books for Africa warehouse. Send us a total of 5,000 cartons, and we’ll all volunteer for an entire day (that’s 56 volunteer hours!).

What do these numbers mean? Right now we’re a little over a third of the way to our 3,000 box target. If we can hit this target, we can not only donate our time, but these books can generate $16,000 to support Better World Books’ non-profit literacy partners with over 4,000 books being donated directly to Books For Africa.

If we can go beyond this and rise to the challenge of sending in 5,000 boxes then we can generate $26,000 in funding for worldwide literacy and 6,000 books in donations.

We’re counting on your support! If you have any questions, or if you need any help with supplies or shipping, please don’t hesitate to call or email your Account Executive. And be sure to check as the numbers rise on Facebook and Twitter every Monday before November 30th.

Here is an amazing example of where many of you have decided to help make a difference through raising books. Hope you are as excited and encouraged by this video from our friends at Invisible Children as we are. Please share widely!

We would love to make you a BWB celeb by sharing your book drive photos and stories on our platforms. Please post stories below and post photos on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!


  1. Hi. Much is appreciated about BWB, including the vast range of books, free freight and friendly staff.

    Two suggestions, if I may:
    1. Easier points of contact–generally have to scout around to find a way to be able to write to you. For ex., you posted: “And if there are any suggestions you have for that would make your life easier, let us know!”
    I stumbled through to this Blog site to find this point of communication.
    2. Please hasten the process to state, in the bibliographical detail of the used books, Dates of Publication and whether a book is a Revised or 2nd or later edition! This would make your service a lot more user-friendly.

    Thank you very much for all the good that you do for the less fortunate and for your purchasing customers.

    Cheers. Eric

  2. Krishna Longanecker says:

    So, I’m a librarian in an elementary school, not a college campus, but I’ve got 17 boxes of discards that I’d love to send to you. Here’s the catch for me…I have no money for shipping. Ideas?

    Krishna Longanecker, Library/media specialist
    Wolf Swamp Road School
    Longmeadow, MA

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