You bought a book, Maria learned English

We are excited to present the 1st in a series of video impact stories to help you see the difference you make every time you buy or donate a book with Better World Books.


Imagine back to being in the 5th grade. Homework was just beginning to get difficult. Word problems in math class were becoming longer and more complicated.

Anytime I had a question about my homework, my mom was by my side and ready to help. She tackled the seemingly endless word problems with grace and humor. Thanks to her perfect explanations, not only did I get the answers correct, but I understood why.

There are many young students across the world, and right here in America, whose parents are unable to help them with their homework, not because they don’t understand the math, but because they cannot read the words.5th grader Antonio spent most of elementary school as one of these children. His dad worked nights and his mom did not speak English.

Maria, Antonio’s sweet mother, tried so hard to help. Finally, she found her little miracle: the local library.

Thanks to your book donations and purchases with Better World Books, we were able to grant Maria’s library in Shirley, New York an award with our partners at the National Center for Family Literacy and today, Maria can successfully help Antonio with his homework. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on Maria and Antonio’s story? How does it make you feel that it happened thanks to YOU?!


  1. Beth Donovan says:

    I know first hand how wonderful this program is, I’m lucky enough to be the literacy coordinator.
    You can’t imagine how providing resources for our ESL library patrons changes their lives. Please buy from Better World Books and keep the opportunities alive.

  2. this was a very informative film and Maria is a wonderful addition to our country… congratulations

  3. Samantha Euler says:

    Parent involvement makes a difference. This program gives the tools to those in need to make a difference in their childrens lives. Congratulations to all the participants and to Beth for all your hard work.

  4. very cool story and it really shows the power of literacy to improve the world. Thanks Erin and GO BBW!

  5. It’s great to know that there are such wonderful programs out there that make a positive impact on peoples’ lives! Keep up the good work

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