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Thank you for being a loyal supporter and customer of ours, because you are also helping groups like Invisible Children. One of the coolest parts of Better World Books is that we are not asking you to donate money or time to us. We are simply hoping that you will make a conscious decision to buy something you are already going to buy from a company that matches your purchase with a donation.

Each time you tell a friend about us, donate a pre-loved book to us, or buy a book from us, people like Beatrice, below, benefit.

Our wonderful partners at Invisible Children are happy to share an example of their work with our funds through the spotlight story below. We hope you are inspired!

Mentor Spotlight: Beatrice

You can watch Beatrice’s story at (password: lspsupp0rters)When she was young, Acayo Beatrice loved caring for her friends and the children around her neighborhood. “I would pretend to go to the market and cook for them,” she said with a laugh. “Basically, I think I was born a mentor,” she explained.

Since early 2010, Beatrice has worked full-time as a mentor for Invisible Children’s Legacy Scholarship Program. Begun in 2005, the Legacy Scholarship Program develops the life-skill capabilities of promising students in war-affected communities in northern Uganda through increased access to post-primary education and mentoring. The program currently supports nearly 750 students, in both secondary school and university.

With a degree in Social Work and Social Administration, Beatrice has previously worked as a mentor and counselor, making her the perfect fit for the Legacy Scholarship Program. She currently works with 24 students, who all attend Sacred Heart Secondary School.

Nearly everyday, Beatrice travels to visit her students, not only at school, but at home to connect with their guardians and family. As a result, she has found that, at times, she is not only a mentor to her students, but their families as well. “I find myself encouraging them in their home life and giving them advice.”

Her hope for her students: “My hope for my mentees is to see them excel. Because, at the time of their recruitment, we always ask them, ‘what is your dream? If Invisible Children is to pay your school fees, what would you like to become in the future?’ So what I want to see in my mentees, is just to see them excel in the line of their dream.”

What Invisible Children is Reading Right Now

Bury the Chains by Adam Hochschild tells the story of a grassroots British antislavery movement that changed the course of human history. Buy it through this specific link: and 10% of proceeds will return directly to Invisible Children.

In the words of Bethany, an LSP supporter AND Invisible Children employee:
“In reading again the stories of those that fought for the freedom of slaves I am honored all over again to be in a movement of so many working parts. It takes everyone; from those speaking, to those writing to those simply dwelling on the possibilities and supporting the movement in any way possible. This history book is not facts and quotes, it is a story of real people, real circumstances and real life inspiration. I have never been more proud of this calling.”Do you mentor anyone through education? What are your hopes for your mentees? Do you have great book recommendations for the incredible staff, volunteers and donors of Invisible Children? Please share below!


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