Textbooks for Tots

We’ve all heard of Toys for Tots, but what about those old textbooks that you don’t ever want to see again? Is there a way they, too, can help children in need worldwide learn to read?

This holiday season we’re giving you the chance to create abundance with your unwanted textbooks!

If you and 3 of your friends pledge to send us your textbooks by Dec 20th you’ll all receive 10% off your textbooks for next semester when you buy them on BetterWorldBooks.com.

Shipping your books is easy and free.  Simply fill out the form on our Facebook campaign page.  We will get back to you with the easiest way to send. Have questions? Drop us a line at campus@betterworldbooks.com.

By sending your books you are joining a network of nearly 2,000 collegiate book drives across the US and Canada.

These book drives serve as green service projects, organizational fundraisers for students and a source of invaluable funding for worldwide literacy. Your books will generate an abundance of learning opportunities for those who otherwise would not have access to such material. Our non-profit partners like Invisible Children, Room to Read and Books for Africa will ensure your book donations reach those most in need.

You will also create a wave of gratitude from students who will have access to an even larger selection of used textbooks during the textbook buying season in January (some titles are already discounted up to 90%).

Thank you, good luck on exams and happy holidays!

Take part here.

Why do you send your books to Better World Books? Which cause do you support through your textbooks? We’d love for you to share your story below.

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