Do you wish you had enough money to buy shoes, soap, shelter and books for every homeless child in our world – and also cute, trendy, smart items for your loved ones?While most of us cannot afford to buy two of every gift and ship one to someone in need and the other to our in-laws, nieces, long-distance lovers and bosses, there are companies out there who will do it for you, for free!

Better World Books is glad to be one such company and honored to take part in a Twitter movement this holiday season based around the ideas of extra thoughtful giving – #GiveDifferent.

You can tune into #GiveDifferent on Twitter to learn about like-minded social enterprises, triple-bottom-line companies and non-profits with successful business models where giving is built in.

Here are a few pre-crafted messages to get started, shared with help from #GiveDifferent founder Whitney at @NEXTforWomen:

  • @TOMS helps you #GiveDifferent with their #oneforone shoe model – much like our #bookforbook promise!
  • @hoopfund helps you get to know the fair trade workers who make the gifts you buy while you #GiveDifferent
  • #GiveDifferent and get squeeky clean with @SweetSoaps products – all handcrafted in the USA www.sweetsoaps.com


What other social and green businesses should we Tweet with #GiveDifferent this shopping season?


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  1. Julie Castro says:

    I don’t know if this one applies, but there are several websites grouped under Greater Good Network where you can shop for household items, jewelry, apparel, etc and support the cause of your choice. You can fund food for animals or help women in other countries by purchasing their fair trade items. I don’t know if there’s one link for all of them but just by visiting one site you can access the others. I can only recall the link theanimalrescuesite.com. Just thought of that as a possible suggestion!

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