Your Top 12 Resolutions: Literacy wins over Losing Weight!

I am so impressed with the most “liked” resolutions our Facebook fans shared. Not that I was expecting tons of people to encourage going to the gym and eating less candy over doing good in our world, but nonetheless, I am pleased to share this list with you.

1. Listen more, talk less.

2. Less time on the iPad, more time interfacing with a real book!

3. Now that I’ve moved closer to a city, I plan to volunteer again for an adult literacy program.4. My goal is to read at least 50 books in 2012, not including college textbooks. I’m going to donate books to places and people in need and get more of my friends and family to read. Every gift I give in 2012 will be a book!

5. To manage our energy consumption more responsibly and efficiently!

6. Read the Bible in one year. Increase my volunteer work.

7. Buy more organic foods, eat less processed stuff!

8. Never buy a nook or a kindle.

9. Self sufficiency, survival and faith in good over evil.

10. Start reading poetry!

11. Read more books this year!

12. To be more active.

What is your New Year’s resolution? Hope this inspires some meaningful ideas to spur in your head and heart!

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