Meet Daniela: From a dust-covered face to a self-assured young girl

Six year old Daniela’s face never used to be clean. Her eyes seemed vacant and she rarely uttered a word. She only ever sketched single colored empty bubbles with the crayons and paper they gave her. Daniela had trouble concentrating and often sought refuge in “no puedo” (“I can’t do it”). When there were group activities she would wander off alone. Daniela spent her days wandering the streets of Quito, Ecaudor. She had no way to discover her own imagination and free her mind to the endless opportunities six-year-olds around the world should be granted. Daniela did not even have one book, let alone a chance to learn the fundamental skill of reading.
That was before Daniela found Cuéntamelo Todo in Quito, Ecaudor – a mobile library managed by the Palms for Life Fund and funded by Better World Books customers. Cuéntamelo Todo seeks to create opportunities in learning for children at risk and offer a safe, recreational place for them to spend their free time by reaching out to where they are – on the streets. As part of its mission to restore children’s rights to education, Cuéntamelo Todo’s Mobile Library in both Quito and Ibarra, Ecuador are opening up access for children to books and to the world of the imaginary.

Today, Daniela comes to the Mobile Library team smiling. Her opening up is reflected in her drawings, something she loves doing. She draws colorful filled spaces with houses and smiling faces. Daniela has borrowed a significant amount of books. She has a new group of friends. There is great change in Daniela’s general approach to life. Despite a complicated family make-up, she shows an incredible desire to accomplish whatever task she is faced with. From a shy little child beneath Cuentamelo Todo Quito’s Mobile Library tent, Daniela has turned into an expressive young girl, who now takes part in group games, speaks up naturally, freely, and most importantly, with self-assurance.

Little Daniela may not have had the chance to transform from a frowning, dirty face to a thriving, playful child who has the chance to learn if it were not for you. Thanks to you buying books from and donating books to Better World Books, we were able to give Palms for Life a grant to support two active and effective mobile libraries in Ecuador. Your purchases powered the education of real people across our world, just like Daniela. Thank you!


  1. Diane Coleman says:

    THANK YOU BWB! What a living mission!

  2. cheryl gentz says:

    We can never have enough beauty in this world,thank you Better World Books!! Sincerely,cheryl Gentz…

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