Can Shopping Online Actually Teach You Something?

Our partners at the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL)  have partnered with the Dollar General Literacy Foundationto teach families the value of financial responsibility through “A Day at Dollar General: Learn While Shopping.” The interactive online game recreates the experience of shopping in a real store and encourages children to learn while shopping.By expanding the definition of literacy to include smart financial habits, NCFL and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation are teaching children to make informed spending decisions that will help them reach their goals.

“A Day at Dollar General: Learn While Shopping” is tailored to families and children, providing them with a fun and interactive game that teaches good spending habits.

Families can complete the game in their homes or as part of a family-focused learning program, giving parents a forum to develop a deeper understanding of their own finances and share the lesson of smart money management with their children in an engaging way.Additionally, an accompanying Program Instructional Guide that features specific financial literacy lessons and intergenerational activities that parents can engage in with their children is available for download.

Visit for more info on the interactive and Program instructional guide, or launch the interactive now.

What helped you learn financial literacy? Do you have any book recommendations we can share that helped you learn more about finances? Please let us know below.


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