Meet Agnes: She Went From Hiding in the Jungle to Becoming an Accountant

Try reading this short story and closing your eyes to think about it:

Imagine you are four years old. Your parents farm the food you eat every day. You sing songs and dance in joy around your fruitful village with your many siblings. Life is good.

Now you’re five years old. You just started primary school and are so excited to get a freshly pressed pink and blue uniform, books and a composition notepad. You walk home from school with a smile on your face. Your mother looks frightened. She stumbles through your sack of clothes and sends you off to sleep in the jungle. You are too scared to sleep.

For five years you walk to school, never getting a new book or uniform again. Each night you hide in the jungle, fearing that you will be kidnaped and forced to attack your family, become a sex slave or to do whatever the rebels ask of you. This is the only life you could ever see for yourself.

Fast forward ten more years. You are now 20 years old and you are about to graduate from University with a degree in Accounting. You have a fresh pressed uniform again, loads of books, and control of your future. Your life has completely changed.

What happened?

Watch Agnes’s story to find out.


  1. Betty Londergan says:

    beautiful story, Erin .. and it’s SO nice to hear that gorgeous Ugandan accent again… LOVE it!!!

  2. Haley Kilpatrick says:

    You are a gift to us all! Thank you for sharing this powerful story. I also love the music, colors, fonts, etc.

  3. Great testimony! Thanks for sharing, Erin!

  4. Erin- what a sweet girl, wonderful video, and great bookstore!!! Keep up the great work.. miss you 🙂

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