Meet Jordan: A Dog Taught Him How to Read

Three years ago, Jordan Piper thought “reading was the hardest thing in the world.”

Today, his mom cannot get Jordan to put books down. He even reads while brushing his teeth, running errands with his family and with a flashlight under his sheets after bedtime.

So what flipped the switch for this young boy? A dog named Drew.

Thanks to a Better World Books grant to Intermountain Therapy Dogs R.E.A.D program, their local chapter of READing Paws was able to teach Jordan to read.

If it were not for you donating books to and buying books from Better World Books, Jordan and Drew may have never met and Jordan may be falling behind in elementary school. Thanks to you, however, Jordan and Drew are best friends and flourishing readers together! There are many more children out there – in the U.S and all over the world – who can benefit from reading with therapy dogs and every time you chose to shop with us, we can help more of them.

Did you know that dogs can help people learn to read? What do you think about that? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the video and Jordan’s story below.


  1. Seems like a great story, but the video is extremely slow to load. Tried it in Mac OSX and Windows and gave up after several minutes of waiting.

  2. Another reason among many to appreciate Better World Books.

  3. Never mind–it was my internet connection. Great story!

  4. I received no video with the story but to see how my money is well spent makes me feel great! Thanks for passing on the info. Gotta love those animals that God made.

  5. Sara Werley says:

    This was an incredible video! It was so heart warming and informative. I had about this program, but never really knew much about it. The boy in the video was well spoken for his age, and of course the dog, was adorable. Keep up the great work you do.

  6. As Drew’s Mom, it’s been an honor to see several young men like Jordan flourish with this library reading program. I’m amazed at the choices of books they bring to the sessions. My newest therapy dog, Bunny, has recently learned about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor, Louis Armstrong, the father of Jazz, and Dr. King, the leader of the Civil Rights movement.

    I am very thankful to BWB for the support of the Reading Education Assistance Dog program throughout the U.S. and have recently earned the privilege to instruct other therapy teams about this program! Thank you BWB!

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