Scoutmob: Inspired by the English Dictionary of Slang

We all love a good deal. And this deal-site-gone-creative-community-activism was born and is being raised in the same city as Better World Books’ HQ, Atlanta. I think they’re making this a better world through supporting and empowering local entrepreneurs. These small business find-and-sharers make our cities richer places to live, work and play. Plus, I dig ScoutMob’s quirky and intelligent vocabulary to describe the greatest grub in town so I asked my counterpart there, Allie, to partake in a little Q&A.

What is Scoutmob?
Scoutmob is a mobile app guiding you to our favorite local businesses with sweet deals along with awesome curated content. Scoutmob’s mission is to help you be a better local. We’re taking advantage of all Atlanta has to offer — and bring you daily incentives to get out and do the same. Think of us as that gentle nudge you need to get you out the door and do your local thing.

What cities have Scoutmob?
We publish daily in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and DC. We are “lite” (one deal per week) in Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Nashville, Seattle, and Portland.

Books that inspire Scoutmob:
1. Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town, by Douglas Gayeton – this is where our editor, Liza Dunning, got the brilliant idea to handwrite on the photos to separate us from other daily deal photos.
2. Let’s Bring Back {An Encyclopedia of forgotten-yet-delightful, chic, useful, curious and otherwise commendable things from times gone by}, by Lesley M. M. Blume
3. The First English Dictionary of Slang 1699

How did Scoutmob get started?
Scoutmob was originally a free WiFi service called Our co-founders Dave Payne and Michael Tavani saw the opportunity to jump into the deal space with a creative twist — spontaneous buying with local businesses with original content.

What type of person works for Scoutmob?
We are a motley crew to say the least – we range from tattooed tech geeks, mustachioed sales wizards, family-friendly spreadsheet guys, and dogs… lots of ’em. There are at least 3 pups in the office at any given time. No matter what we look like – the common denominator is that we are all creative folks who are curious about our city. We are all brand representatives. One email goes through so many hands, that it is up to everyone to hold their weight. And keep in mind we do this daily.

What are some of the non-profit organizations you partner with?
We like to support and encourage our users to also support non-profits in our city that make a difference on a local level. For instance, our team in Atlanta is currently focusing on Atlanta Community Food Bank, but we’ll continue to plant as much community awesomeness as we can. Our team in DC is working with Think Local First, to support local music makers and entrepreneurs.

How can people get involved with Scout Mob?
Sign up for our daily email with gobs of interesting local content and sweet deals and download our app to have all the goodness right in the palm of your hand.

What’s your favorite Scoutmob story and/or deal?
Halloween 2011. I worked with the fine folks at The Goat Farm to make the most epic Halloween event Atlanta has ever seen. I can prove it, watch the video. We’re going to be doing it again as many years as possible, so don’t make any plans for October 27, 2012.

Have Scoutmob in your city? What was your favorite deal? What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten on a book — on BWB or elsewhere?

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