Sherlock Holmes is the Man in Michiana

Can you imagine in everyone in your town read the same book, the same month, and got together to discuss and enjoy it? Sounds like a Utopian feat – but that does not stop One Book, One Michiana (Indiana) from trying to bring their community together through literature.

Every year for the past three years, Better World Books has donated 100 copies of their featured book to the program. Those books get handed out to local organizations such as the Center for the Homeless, Robinson Community Learning Center (our first non-profit partner), St. Margaret’s House, and the Kroc center.

The following is a guest blog from the organizers of One Book, One Michiana:

“Yes, Watson! You have deduced correctly, my friend! It is indeed time to put in an appearance for One Book, One Michiana!”

“But Holmes,” sputtered the usually cheerful Watson, “What if that utterly dreadful Moriarty is there?”

“Calm yourself, dear boy….Moriarty may be the Napoleon of Crime, but he has excellent taste. We are talking One Book, man! I’m sure we all can be cordial for once! By the way, grab my pipe!”

We are excited to announce the 3rd annual One Book, One Michiana’s selection this year and, yes, you’ve guessed correctly! Our choice is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes featuring the master sleuth himself! Follow Holmes through the murky fog of Victorian London solving crimes at a speed which leaves Scotland Yard and all other detectives for the next century in the dust.

Where did this man of mystery and genius come from? Holmes burst on the scene in 1887 via Strand Magazine, thanks to the imagination of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Unlike many other characters, Holmes is as timeless as ever and has endured to this day.  He’s appeared in countless spin-off books, plays, television and film. There have been classic takes by Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett and modern twists by Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey, Jr.

We have many fun community events from March 31 to April 30 that we promise will appeal to adults and children alike. Some of these offerings are WNIT Dinner & A Book, SJCPL Trivia Night, The Science of Crime Solving, and numerous book discussions!

To see a list of all programs please visit us at

If you could get your whole city to read one book together, what would it be and why?

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