Exclusively from BWB: Africa is On the Up

A new book, “On The Up” is being sold exclusively through Better World Books and we have a feeling you are going to love it! The following is a guest post from the authors… 

With financial support from Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and in-kind support from Vodafone Foundation, we embarked on a journey from Cape Town to Cairo.  We made it our personal mission to find exceptional changemakers who exemplify the truth that, despite its challenges, Africa is on the up. Across eight countries, we uncovered incredible individuals who are using entrepreneurial solutions to drive social and environmental change.

This collection of short stories brings to life the journey of each ‘social entrepreneur’, plotting out their achievements, challenges and talents. From a Zen Buddhist who is training rats to sniff out landmines, to an ex-playboy millionaire who is using his fortune to tackle multinational mining firms, the people profiled are not your archetypal charity workers. Their bottom-up approaches to development issues are thought provoking, inspiring and often quite hilarious!

This book will fire you up about Africa and make you think differently about the role of social entrepreneurs in Africa.  It will encourage you to think about how content you are with your own career choices and encourage you to see that anything is possible.

To learn more about the book and the adventures of the Wilson’s check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ontheupcapetocairo

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Have you ever been to Africa? What are your stories of hope from the great continent?

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