How can a piece of jewelry help give clean water or fight human trafficking?

Guest post by Jenny Long, Founder of SOCO Marketplace

*NOTE* We love the SOCO Marketplace project because they believe what we do – that we can use the power of commerce to change lives. You can learn all about our social and environmental benefits here.

I’ve always loved the idea of buying something that helps a humanitarian effort. When someone says ‘cool sandals’ or ‘nice necklace,’ I love being able to reply with ‘oh, thanks, it’s this great company that helps supply clean water,’ or ‘women escaping human trafficking made it.’

As I began to search for more companies that had this business model (sell a product and meet a social need with the profits), I began to notice just how many were out there…tons. There was only one problem; it required a lot of searching to find them. I decided there needed to be a one stop shop featuring all these great companies to not only help get the word out about the work they are doing, but to enable shoppers to purchase their products more easily.

So that’s just what I began to do. aims to be a place where shoppers can search, be inspired, and purchase products, knowing that their money is going to a good cause. I believe people want to use their money for good, and will, if the process is simple enough.

There are many great companies out there. To name a few; Raven and Lily is a company that sells Bath/Body products, Jewelry and Paper Goods to help marginalized women in India and Ethiopia. Nika Water sells cases of water to help clean water and education projects in multiple countries. International Princess Project sells clothing made by women that have escaped human trafficking.

SOCO Marketplace is searching for great companies with a passionate, socially conscious mission. If you know of any, send them our way! Visit our site and let us know the great companies you’ve found!

These days, in a world of instant gratification and simplified shopping, it’s wonderful to know that our purchases can help change lives…better yet, save lives.

*Note* The above guest post is from Jenny Long, Founder of SOCO Marketplace.  This content does not necessarily reflect the views of Better World Books (as our lawyers make sure we say). We love having guest bloggers and invite you to email if you are interested in covering a book or topic on the BWB Blog. Thank you, Jenny, we love your site and share a like-minded passion to help make purchases powerful to make a difference in our world!

What is your favorite socially conscious product to buy and why?


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