Why Miss Plus America Loves True Crime Books

Guest post from Miss Plus America ELITE, Spruce Dickerson

Over the years, books have given me insight into the realities of the world.  Take true crime stories for instance.  Reading true-to-life criminal biographies is so very fascinating because evil is so far-fetched to me.  I mean, how can someone cut up a person’s body, store the pieces in the freezer, and then cook and eat them?  This absolutely captivates my curiosity, as my mind struggles to make sense of it.  Reading these stories has helped deepen the compassion in my heart for sick, wounded, and lost souls.  It helps me to understand there is a tangible evil in this world!  I have a heart for motivating, inspiring, and encouraging people; and by reading this genre of book it has helped me focus more on the hurts of others and to extend myself in trying to ease their pain.  Whether the person is a victim or the abuser, they both are in pain and in need of compassion.

Three True Crime Book Recommendations
The True Crime series by Time-Life Books
Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss
The Milwaukee Massacre by Robert Dvorchak & Lisa Holewa

Another genre of book that I enjoy is motivational.  I am all about improving and growing personally, and being able to read how someone else has succeeded is so enlightening and inspiring.  This is exactly what I want to do in the lives of others; to inspire and encourage them to be the best they can be; to help them rise above their adversities.  And, it can be done.  All we have to do is open a book, and glean the pearls of wisdom from the experiences of others.

Three Motivational Book Recommendations
Talent is Never Enough by John C. Maxwell
Superself by Charles J. Givens
Awaken the Giant by Anthony Robbins

As Miss Plus America ELITE, it is my heart’s desire to share my heart, my life, my experiences in hopes of making a positive difference in this world!  Keep a watch out, a book just might be coming!

*Note* The above guest post is from Miss Plus America ELITE, Spruce Dickerson.  This content does not necessarily reflect the views of Better World Books (as our lawyers make sure we say). We love having guest bloggers and invite you to email 11@betterworldbooks.com if you are interested in covering a book or topic on the BWB Blog. Thank you, Spruce, and congrats on your honor!

What are your favorite book genres and why? Or what books do you like best in True Crime and/or Motivational? We invite you to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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