Guest post by Lynette Chiang, award-winning writer and world bicycle traveler

Ever since he “reluctantly agreed” to accompany his father on a luxury bird-watching cruise almost a decade ago, Race Across America cycling legend Lon Haldeman has been fascinated by the people, culture and landscapes of Peru.

Each year he leads small groups of cyclists, travelers and volunteers into remote regions of the country to deliver schoolbooks, feed orphans, buy supplies for a girl’s home, sponsor bike races and even coach young cycling hopefuls for the upcoming Olympics.

With donations he’s built two schools near the town of Iquitos – the 600-student Jack Wolff School, and the more rustic Joseph Pulley school, whose 30 students walk for up to an hour each day to attend class.

A highlight of the expedition is a 3-day passage to Iquitos by banana boat through the Amazon river system, jumping off at various points to surprise and delight small, isolated schools with books and writing supplies – all purchased with donations.

Finally, the Puerto Ocopa orphanage he stumbled upon in 2004 is now a regular destination, where donations feed and clothe 40 orphans.

You can join Lon and his tour company, PACTour to cycle, sightsee, help the kids .. all of the above!

*Note* The above guest post is from our friend, Lynette Chiang. Lynette Chiang is an award-winning copywriter, New York Times-reviewed author, filmmaker and world bicycle traveler. This content does not necessarily reflect the views of Better World Books (as our lawyers make sure we say). We love having guest bloggers and invite you to email if you are interested in covering a book or topic on the BWB Blog. Thank you, Lynette, for sharing this inspiring cycling story with us!

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