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Happy Valentine's Day from Your Next Book

I usually don’t use these online things. But I’m just sitting here collecting dust, so I thought, “Why not?” I’m young, I’m in great condition, and it’s time to get back out there and find someone new.

I’m ready to turn a new page with my relationships. No longer content just being checked out at the library, I’m ready for something long-term.

But I’m not going home with any ol’ random stranger. I’ve got standards! I need a reader who will stay with me until The End. Someone thoughtful… someone who really gets me.  Could it be you?


  • Long walks on the beach. Sand on my dust jacket? No thank you.
  • Speed-readers. Let’s take it slow and really get to know one another. No need to rush into things.

Things I’m looking for:

  • Never gets tired of gazing at me for hours on end.
  • Ideal date is simply spending time together on a couch.
  • I’m a sucker for someone who has a way with words!

So if this sounds like what you want out of a relationship, come find me at Looks aren’t everything, so don’t just judge me by my cover. Go ahead and read the what other people say about me in the reviews. If we hit it off, maybe I’ll give you my ISBN number.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Come find me on the Valentine’s Day book picks on the home page right now. Don’t keep a book waiting!


Your Next Book 


  1. Well, you got me all flustered, I though I was misreading you, than I realised how clever and witty you are.
    The bait was perferct, you got me hooked, I read you till the end and read you once more, just to make sure I didn’t miss a think.
    Well, I’ll introduce you to my son, he’s only five years old, but with very discerning tastes.
    If you’ll hit it off, we’ll take this relationship further!

  2. Elizabeth Drake says:

    Would love it for my granddaughter. They need this and she loves to read!!!

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