An FAQ to answer all your Shop From Work Week questions

This being the third year of what may be the most important planetwide holiday, we thought a blog post explaining a little bit about the sale was in order, especially for those just discovering it. So we have literally thought of every single question you could possibly have. Don’t even try to have more questions, because that would be impossible.  

Does Shop From Work Week have a mascot, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?
Yes. Although, much like St. Nick, the name and traditions vary from region to region. In America where the holiday began, we tell stories of Margaret from Accounts Receivable, who brings discounts to all good readers in a flying red Prius pulled by eight interns.

In Germany, it’s a jolly woodsman named Jörg who drives a Hugo, and so on. The regional specifics go on from there, but the mirthful spirit is the same.

What are the customs of this celebration?
This year, we are celebrating with a sale on orders of 4 or more used books in the Bargain Bin. You can find out more at the sale page. Shop From Work Week is a time of giving, and by giving we mean shopping for books for yourself.  (Thanks to Book for Book™, all purchases are giving someone something, too!)

Participants wear the customary regalia of the season: khaki slacks, loose ties, generally just business casual.  Here are some examples of the typical ensemble:

 Festive, right?

What is the history of Shop From Work Week?

Once upon a time, as we were sitting in one of the numerous skyscrapers we own, we were pondering how to provide the greatest user experience for used book shoppers. Looking through our website data, we noticed that our customers tend to buy during normal business hours.

What that means is that—generally speaking—you guys love to shop while you’re at work! So we thought collectively to ourselves: “We should embrace this. Nay… we should celebrate it.” Thus was born Shop From Work Week. It’s a celebration of productivity. After all, if you’re shopping while you’re at work, you’re technically getting twice as much done.

How long does it last?
Shop From Work Week lasts for 10 days. No one truly knows why—this tradition is lost in the mists of ancient tradition. (Ends Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 4pm EST.)

But I can’t get the discount if I shop from home, right?
This is a myth! No matter where you are, you can celebrate Shop From Work Week, as long as you really believe in saving on used books with all your heart.

So for the third year in a row, we wish you and yours a merry Shop From Work Week!  May Margaret from Accounts Receivable bring you many discounts.

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