Got a job that needs doing? Hire a Book Drop Box!

As we continue to place book Drop Boxes around the country, we have come to realize the full potential of these marvelous constructions. 

Sure, they look nice.  Yes, they can hold approximately 800 books at a time.  And, of course, they attract well-read and environmentally-conscious consumers to every location that hosts one.  This is all common knowledge.  But they can be so much more!

So that’s why we are announcing our “Hire a Drop Box” program. You read that right—not rent. Hire.

Let us paint you a picture:

You’re heading to that company softball championship game. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and your star shortstop (let’s call her Christine From Quality Assurance) takes an injury. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can snag those line drives like Christine From Quality Assurance.

Or can they? Hire a Drop Box. Slap a glove and a hat on that thing. You may not have a star shortstop per se, but at least you won’t have to forfeit for not fielding enough players.

Did the headliner for that gig you’re organizing bail on you? Hire a Drop Box. Sure, they’re going to dip into their old material. Yes, their humor is a little dry. (They’re used to keeping books safe from the elements, after all.) We challenge you to find an inanimate object that saves books from landfill and has a better stage presence.

And just imagine the home uses. With our Drop Boxes being on call 24/7, you’ll never have to hire a babysitter again.

The opportunities are truly endless. Click here to see a few more images that showcase the wide variety of talent and applications of our Drop Boxes.

If you need to hire a Drop Box for any odd job, tweet us at @BWBooks and let us know! And for reasons that totally have no impact on this fantastic new service, be sure to include the hashtag #AprilFools!


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