Got a job that needs doing? Hire a Book Drop Box!

As we continue to place book Drop Boxes around the country, we have come to realize the full potential of these marvelous constructions. 

Sure, they look nice.  Yes, they can hold approximately 800 books at a time.  And, of course, they attract well-read and environmentally-conscious consumers to every location that hosts one.  This is all common knowledge.  But they can be so much more!

So that’s why we are announcing our “Hire a Drop Box” program. You read that right—not rent. Hire.

Let us paint you a picture:

You’re heading to that company softball championship game. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and your star shortstop (let’s call her Christine From Quality Assurance) takes an injury. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can snag those line drives like Christine From Quality Assurance.

Or can they? Hire a Drop Box. Slap a glove and a hat on that thing. You may not have a star shortstop per se, but at least you won’t have to forfeit for not fielding enough players.

Did the headliner for that gig you’re organizing bail on you? Hire a Drop Box. Sure, they’re going to dip into their old material. Yes, their humor is a little dry. (They’re used to keeping books safe from the elements, after all.) We challenge you to find an inanimate object that saves books from landfill and has a better stage presence.

And just imagine the home uses. With our Drop Boxes being on call 24/7, you’ll never have to hire a babysitter again.

The opportunities are truly endless. Click here to see a few more images that showcase the wide variety of talent and applications of our Drop Boxes.

If you need to hire a Drop Box for any odd job, tweet us at @BWBooks and let us know! And for reasons that totally have no impact on this fantastic new service, be sure to include the hashtag #AprilFools!


  1. Yeah, but can they change a diaper? Look Ma, no hands! 😀

  2. Woo Hoo ! The perfect temp !!! Now I can plan that 3 week vacation to Hawaii knowing that I have a Drop Box to “stand” in for me.

  3. Lonely Guy says:

    I don’t have a date for this Saturday night. Is a Drop Box available?

  4. GABE DEWITT says:


  5. Lucy Schonfeld says:

    April Fool’s? Except I’d love to leave one in our hospital or schools!

  6. Dr. Gregg Lanzen says:

    Wow! It there a Baptist Drop Box I can hire to fill in for us pastors when we go on vacation or sabbatical? I’m sure they could contain the Word, and be filled with good illustrations and applications. But, can they make house or hospital calls? And how do they shake hands with or give hugs to parishioners at services? And I’m a bit envious of the shiny green color… a bit bright compared to this old grey preacher. So, maybe not.

  7. James W. Harris says:

    Before I hire one, I want to see what it smells like. I’ll use the amazing new Google program announced today, Google Nose, to find out.

  8. You know, all silliness aside, Why not Hire a Drop Box for a wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah and ask guests to bring books instead of gifts? Perhaps the Drop Box could be the greeter at the door. In exchange for a book, you get a program. Why not Drop Box Ushers at concert or sporting events? You want to go to the game? Drop a book in the box – you’re in. What a brilliant idea you have come up with.

  9. Very clever – Happy April Fool’s to you too.

  10. Fooled me!! I am looking for a great idea for Earth Day and thought this could be it!! All fooling aside, just like others have said – this could get phenominal success at sertain events – maybe not while changing diapers but… Happy Arpil Fool’s Everyone!

  11. Well, I haven’t been this April Fooled since Charlie lived at home and would put a rubber band around the sink sprayer after we all went to bed… then first thing in the morning I’d turn on the water to make the coffee and get showered! Nice work BWB!

  12. Fun April Fool’s joke- but seriously love Kathy Bloomfield’s suggestion. Thanks for your sharing of my favorite thing”books”!!!

  13. Gail Welsch says:

    How about this idea: BWB could print our organization name, logo, etc. on the box for our personalized marketing, charge a (small) fee and we could place the box where we want/need. Or for personal use, the picture and name of the honoree is printed on the box?

  14. lol! Love it!

  15. Great April Fool’s! However, I was thinking about this as a great way to raise funds for a group. If the experts at selling books could take the book donations that a school collected and turn it into money for the school’s field trip, money for new books, or even to purchase technology for the school! I think you may be on to something.

  16. Pam Brock says:

    You could probably be arrested using a box as a babysitter! Oh Yeah-April 1–very clever!

  17. I love it, thank you for brightening my day!

    On a serious note, do you have an app for drop box locations? I have a bunch to donate and wouldn’t mind the drive to visit you, but closer would be better – might even make it this year!

  18. Haha, when I got the email I thought you guys really wanted us to order a dropbox for weddings, parties, etc…kinda like trick-or-treating for Unicef.

    You fooled me!

  19. I need a full time nanny ASAP! When can I get a drop box here?

  20. No kidding, If BWB had portable cardboard drop boxes to lend I’ll be all sorts of folks would have them be honored guests at functions here and there. Of course the question is how to get the books back to the mother ship (BWB) economically. hmmmmm.

  21. We need several porta-potties for an upcoming outdoor event – can you hire more than one DropBox at a time?

  22. I am struggling with math 99, can the drop box take my final exam for me?

  23. Can a Drop Box feed cows and horses? We also need it care for 9 Golden Retrievers when we go on vacation in June. I hope it doesn’t mind cow patties.

  24. Someone at BWB continues to have a keen sense of humor. I was fooled all the way up to the end- very clever and hysterical!!!

  25. Man, I was reading it seriously all this time thinking is this some crazy new cool google product? How does it work? How can it replace a baseball player? Then I saw the comment about april fools. LOL. I got april fooled by a drop box!

  26. I need a box to watch my teenagers. Can the box be stern and in flexible, you know like a 1 ton piece of iron?

  27. Didnt understand the concept at all !!!!!!!!!!!! God knows what u r trying to say………..but u r not able to illustrate it properly, on one here knows what u r saying inclusing me,

  28. Happy April Fool to you guys, too…………..

  29. Bill Schaefer says:

    Are there any BWB drop boxes in my part of the country? (I live in Bethesda, MD.)

  30. Bill, we’ve got some in the area, depending on where exactly you’re located. Here are all our Maryland locations at present. We are continually rolling out more locations, so we recommend bookmarking this page.

  31. I live in Antioch, California…Is there a BWB drop box in my area…

  32. @P Bishop: Not yet! But we’ve got our eye on your state. You may want to bookmark this page as we continue to roll out Drop Boxes in new states.

  33. Go BWB! STMFE! Yeah!

  34. I would like to know how can i help with one of this box where i live i notice a lot of garage sale and if some of the books dont get sold they end up in the trash if there is a way where i can help and let people know that they can drop those UN wanted books and that other will enjoy i would like to know what are the steps to take

  35. I have seen your nice green boxes in the states.

    Are there plans to bring them to Europe?

    Could not find any european box on your site ‘is a box near me’

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