Your mama’s so smart, she probably reads lots of books!

Happy Mother's Day

Can we talk about your mom for a minute?

She’s a classy lady. She raised you right. And (Note: moderate guilt trip beyond this point) you haven’t gotten her anything for Mother’s Day yet!

Now, don’t panic. Fortunately for you, we planned for this.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, May 12. No matter where you’re shopping, the shipping is going to cost a very figurative arm-and-leg combo in order to ship something to you on time. Unless you read on, reader!

Using the magic of Internet, we have devised a way to equip you with (a) the perfect present, which will (b) be ready for you to give your mom on Mother’s Day. Enter the Better World Books Gift Certificate, stage left.

Gift Certificate

Not only will it be in your inbox minutes after ordering, but it will be exactly the book Mom wants. No matter what increment you choose, she gets the next great read of her choosing. Nailed it.

In conclusion, nothing says “I love you, mom! Thanks for my existence, and stuff. In return for teaching me how to live, I wanted to give you the freedom of picking your Mother’s Day gift. You’re the best!” like a Better World Books Gift Certificate.

Have a happy Mother’s Day!

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