BWB Remembers The Books Of Our Childhood (1 of 3)

Children’s Book Week (May 13-19) is all about igniting a love of reading for young people, one that will stick with them and positively shape the person they one day become. What books stuck with you when you were growing up? We asked Better World Books employees just that question. Throughout this week, we’ll be posting the books that we can never forget, the books that had a lifelong impact on our young minds. We also have a whole lot of children’s books on sale as part of the celebration.

The Little PrinceThe Little Prince
This book, The Little Prince, was presented to me when I was 12 years old by my older sister, but she said she would have to read it to me a little at a time. I felt I was too old to be read to, but I also loved the special time she was giving me, since she was a busy 19 year old. It made me so happy when she sat me down on the couch and started to read to me. It was a short book, and it didn’t take more than a few weeks for us to finish, but throughout her reading it to me, we would talk about what was going on in the book. She talked about the importance of loyalty and friendship, of adventure and exploration. She would ask me what I thought about what was happening in the book. I guess it was like my first book club. And in the end, she gave me the book as a precious gift between sisters. I passed on the tradition to my children, and read them the book, a little at a time, when they were old enough. The Little Prince taught me about passing on love, both in literature and in life.

–Deanna Smith, Executive Assistant


As a kid I really enjoyed the simple story, the eccentric characters and the illustrations. When I grew up I liked it even more. It was a gratifying experience to read it again and being able to understand all the metaphors about life and love, while feeling like a kid again.

–Ricardo Gutierrez, Performance Optimization Specialist


Mr. Pine's Purple HouseMr. Pine’s Purple House
This was my favorite book growing up for two reasons.

  1. I loved the color purple
  2. I was fascinated by asset-backed, debt financing for real property

(Just kidding on #2.)
–Paul Sansone, CFO


Harold and the Purple CrayonSpeaking of Purple.. One of my favorite books was Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I lived near a wildlife preserve with few children nearby, so imagination was important! I loved to draw too, but the most important lesson I learned from Harold and the Purple Crayon is life is what you make it!

Sandra Studer, Account Executive


Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Not sure why it’s my favorite but Captain Kangaroo used to read it on TV every year. I am sure there is a message I was supposed to get but it didn’t seem to stick.

–David Ebrite, National Account Executive

Stig of the DumpStig of the Dump

There… this is my favourite from my childhood. It fired my imagination!

And my favourite book to read my son when he was little was The Gruffalo.

I read it to him on a camp site one time, late at night when it was quiet and still. The next morning in the toilet block a guy came up to me and asked what I’d be reading later that night because he and his family enjoyed The Gruffalo so much the night before!! … We moved sites.

Scott Coning
Managing Director, Better World Books UK


We’ll be posting part 2 later this week. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what your favorite children’s book was when you were young!


  1. Dawn Quest says:

    Baby Island – Carol Ryrie Brink

    Una and Grubstreet – Prudence Andrew

    Miss Happiness and Miss Flower/Little Plum – Rumer Godden

  2. Don’t forget Freddie the Pig.

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