LEAP Project complete: Akili Library

Akili Library: LEAP 2013 grant winners

Earlier this year, we accepted applications for our 2013 LEAP Grants (Literacy and Education in Action Program). One this year’s library winners was the Akili Youth Association’s for a library in Kisumu, Kenya. The donation they requested would go toward improving the facilities at the library, the only library supporting residents of the Obunga slums. The grant was intended to increase access to reading materials and to purchase a much-needed copier for the IT room.

The funds were distributed and the project went into effect. Our friends at Akili have posted an update on the completed project at their blog. Go have a look and see some of the real life impact made possible by your book purchases!

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  1. We are so grateful to BWB for awarding Akili Library the LEAP grant. We now have a very nice reading & IT room for the children and youth in Obunga slums, Kisumu. To all who purchase books at BWB, we say THANK YOU for making it possible for us to get the funds through your purchases.
    For pictures and more info about how the grant changed lives of the children in Obunga, visit our blog here http://akilischool.weebly.com/1/post/2013/07/leap-grant-for-libraries-2013-winners-a-dream-come-true.html

  2. Hi! I´m Carla, from Argentina. I´m helping from here to “Amen orphelinat” on Benin. They have almost 50 children, different ages, and need help to care about them. How can we apply to a donation for this kids to could study. Thank you very much, I`m a big fan of Betterworldbooks work.

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