Inside BWB: Joe’s Experience creating something huge


joe-introWe regularly partner with English honor society Sigma Tau Delta to bring students onboard for some hands-on experience in the used book selling world. This year we had the opportunity to work with Joe Gallagher, graduating from Plymouth State University.

Joe’s task was simple: create a one-stop campus book drive resource center that had literally everything any student book driver could ever possibly need, strategically planning the content and functionality, as well as drafting all copy for every page, every email, and every downloadable piece. (Now’s the part where you might hear the record scratch to a halt, and maybe someone says “Say whaaaaat?”)

The fact is, it was a tall task—and we couldn’t imagine someone better equipped to take it on! Armed with an English degree and some past experience running book drives on campus with us, Joe dove right in. Fast forward to six weeks and about a bajillion pieces of content later, Joe submitted a nice write-up to the Sigma Tau Delta blog about his experience working at the BWB corporate office in Alpharetta, GA.

From the post: “We had to wrangle all our thoughts onto the same page and move carefully out of ambiguity. It was fun to work independently then regroup and see if I’d colored outside the lines or not. I think the final product will help a lot of people, and that kept me motivated.”

A huge thanks to Joe for contributing the foundation of something that will last a long time and help tons of students find new homes for books on campuses across the country. Read about Joe’s experiences at the Sigma Tau Delta blog.

And a quick note to all students out there: the Book Drive Resource Center is coming to the website very soon, so stay tuned….

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  1. Stephanie Bottine says:

    Do you still buy back books? (I tried sending a message on another page, however, I’m not sure if it went through…

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