5 Best Mobile Learning Apps for Your Kids

intro-5appsEver set down your smart phone or tablet, turn away for a moment, and turn back only to realize that your device just wandered off in the hands of a curious child? How can you take advantage of that natural curiosity? Download these fun and educational apps to find out.

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This free app harnesses the power of flashcards in a big way – without a big mess. The lessons range from things like colors and first words to telling time and languages. If what you specifically want to teach your child isn’t available on any of the thousands of Bitsboard boards, you can even add your own content. Kids-app-reviews.com calls this “a must-have app for any educator, parent, or teacher.”


Remember Schoolhouse Rock? If your teachers used it as a tool, you probably remember how songs got stuck in your head. A description of Grammaropolis at Edshelf.com says that it’s “hailed as a Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st century.” This app does more than just make language fun with animated characters and lively music. There are also books, videos, and interactive games designed to help children with different learning styles. The assessments let you know if your child fully grasps the material.

Who knows? Maybe you will use the app to brush up on your own grammar skills.

Math Quiz Game Show

If math is the subject that makes your child run and hide, cure him or her of the fear by making math fun. The Math Quiz Game Show app is available in two different levels: for grades 1-3 and grades 4-6. As the title implies, its setup is like a game show, where your child as the contestant can earn points and win big by conquering math problems. Kids can hone their addition and subtraction skills or move ahead to trickier subjects like Algebra.

Be warned. Once you loan your mobile device to your child to use this app, it’ll be a while before you get it back.

Math is a subject that many children struggle with, so an app like this one is truly a blessing.

Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat Color and Create!

For your little artists and scientists, this app is a great tool to foster creativity and slide in some fun facts about the natural world as well. Many of the coloring templates are science-themed and include educational text. While it’s true that your child may get so wrapped up in the coloring aspect that the text gets ignored, you can always sit down with your child after they’ve colored a scene so you can admire the artwork and talk about the lesson. Commonsensemedia.org gives it a positive review for the cool coloring effects and overall fun.


Children love fun facts and asking questions they think their parents won’t be able to answer. Questions like, why don’t you have to trim your eyelashes? Or, How do you freshen the air? These are examples of what you will find on the app.

The app gives you a completely new and interactive way to learning. One of the few that encourage curiosity. There is daily content called Wonder of the Day, where not only thought-provoking questions are answered but vocabulary words, pictures, and video are all used to reel the audience in.

Once hooked in, the audience is encouraged to comment on the content. Wonderopolis also gives you the opportunity to publish content. This app is so unique and interesting you might join your child and learn something new yourself.

It only takes a few fun apps to turn your mobile device into a fantastic learning tool for your children, so those moments when your device disappears become moments when your child is learning.

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  1. Grammaropols sounds like a great app, and I know a few adults who would probably benefit from using it, too!

    My kids are young, so love apps like Peppa Pig, but there’s an educational element under the guise of being an app for fun. They’re brilliant.

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